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In North America there are well over 200 species of termites with the most popular ones being the Subterranean, Drywood, and Formosan. Introduced in Toronto between 1935 – 1938 on ships that brought goods from South America, the three main species of termites living in the southern Ontario they can cause damage from $6000 and up.

Termites feed on wood cellulose and they can destroy a structure from inside out, as they can create their own ecosystem and are not dependent on a humidity for their survival. They can be brought inside with firewood or kindling or by burrowing their way in untreated wood or wood that is in contact with the ground.

The programs provided by Professional PCO Services Inc. in this area include the following:

Real Estate Inspection

Since termites cause damage from the inside out, their presence is not always visible until significant damage is already done. The technicians at Professional PCO Services can provide an inspection to determine if your property is infested with or is likely to be infested by termites before much damage is done.


Since Termites begin their activities deep below the foundation of a building with large and highly populated nests and make their way to the foundation of the building attacking and infesting the property causing destruction to essential structures, Professional PCO Services Inc. uses the best available methods to treat the structure from the soil to the foundation and all the way through out the building. However, since the best time to curtail termite activities is before they get into the building, proper inspections, can detect and stop before costly damage occurs.

Pre-Construction Protection

Practical building protection measures now include pre-construction termite control options. The Professional PCO Services Inc. Pre-Construction programs are designed specifically to provide premium, long lasting protection from termites in residential commercial, industrial and institutional buildings.

Professional PCO Services Inc. Pre construction Termite Protection program consists of a three phase process that commences before the foundation is set.

Commencing with a phase referred to as the Footing, the program is followed by Sliding Grade and Back Filling. Through such programs Professional PCO Services Inc. Offers long lasting durable protection for both small and large buildings thus providing home owners, builders and building management professionals with the best protection available to protect their buildings from termites.

Post Treatment Program

This treatment program is applicable to existing buildings that are infested with termites. Using years of experience, knowledge of termite biology and control measures and advanced technology, Professional PCO Services Inc. provides effective interior and exterior treatment along with written guarantee. The services include treatment, and monitoring to ensure desired outcomes are achieved.